Weight Loss For Insulin Immunity Or Syndrome X

Do the following symptoms sound familiar? Excess body hair, missed or erratic periods, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and unexplainable constant weight gain? If you are experiencing one or all of these symptoms, you may have an insulin resistance, or symptoms of ‘Syndrome X.’ Don’t dismay – there IS a diet that can help you!

A friend of mine whom weighed 425 pounds was frustrated that her doctor had been telling her for years to keep cutting back on fat and calories. She had gone so far as to be down to a fat free 600 calorie diet! How could she cut it down any more? She kept gaining weight at a steady pace and the less fat she ate the more she gained. Finally she told her doctor to take a hike and we did some research on the internet; it only took us about ten minutes before we found out that she had something called ‘Syndrome X’.

Syndrome X is a progression of PCOS which are both caused by insulin immunities. They really aren’t sure if Syndrome X causes weight gain, or if weight gain causes Syndrome X. It’s really a which came first, the chicken or the egg type scenario. No one really knows – are you fat because you have Syndrome X or do you have Syndrome X because you are fat? Regardless, you do not have to be fat anymore!

This is what she did to completely lose weight.

She cut out her carbs almost completely; carbohydrates need insulin to be broken down in your body. If you can’t break down the carbs that you are eating they just float around in your blood stream and are deposited wherever your body likes to deposit them. In other words, the free floating carbohydrates are stored elsewhere in the body. She said that her body just loved to put them in her stomach! She has been following this extreme low carb diet for a year or so and she has already lost 100 pounds and continues to lose more and more weight with each passing month!

Now she loses about 3-4 pounds a week but, when she started she lost 3 pounds a day sometimes. If you are looking for a good low carb diet, try searching the internet for the one that is right for you. She also joined a support forum for low carbers and it is lots of fun and great when you need a shoulder to lean on or a good low carb recipe!

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