Is Diet Soda Making You Gain Weight?

Let’s get right to the point, soda does not do the body good. “Pop”, as it is popularly known as, is becoming the drink of the past, not of the future generations. Most people falsely believe that diet soda is helping them lose weight, but in fact, it is sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

I just read a study recently that stated that there is evidence that diet soda drinkers gain more weight than regular soda drinkers. This idea may be a shock to some diet soda lovers.

One of the first problems with diet sodas is the artificial sweeteners. These should be avoided at all costs, regardless of what they are in product wise. Some of these artificial sweeteners are used to kill lab animals in order to get body count ratio to humans to be within the “legal limit” for human consumption.

Artificial sweeteners fool your body into craving more carbohydrate based foods, which in turn makes you eat more carbs later, thus gaining more weight. Plus, one may think, since they have consumed zero calories, there is room for more. Not true! Studies show that diet soda drinkers eat more food because they subconciously believe that they saved on calories with a diet drink.

There is hope though in todays world for lots of alternatives. The first, most obvious healthy alternative to drink is pure water. If you don’t however like the taste of plain water, you might put lemon in it. Lemon is the best cleanser on the planet, if you ask me. I once had the flu for 3 days. By day 2, I still couldn’t keep anything down. I opted to start the master cleanser with lemon, grade A or B maple syrup, pure water, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, for the circulation, and some mint tea. I followed this for 7 to 10 days, without hunger pangs because my stomach was already so small because of not keeping any food down with the flu. I lost 20 pounds of water weight in 10 days. This can be modified, of course to upon waking, just drink a glass of fresh squeezed lemon water.

My favorite alternative to diet drinks is green tea, slightly steeped. I have found leaving the tea bag in for more than 3 minutes creates less of medicinal tang to it. I don’t even wring out the tea bags, for it makes too srong of a flavor. I enjoy also some combos of black, green, red, and white teas, especially because of their antioxidant properties.

I hope this article has given you good ideas to healthy alternatives to artificial sweeteners in diet drinks.

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